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Money laundering is a serious white-collar crime

Individuals who enjoy watching crime shows on television have likely heard of various types of financial crimes. Money laundering, for example, may be included in a list of charges a fictitious criminal will face at trial, but it may not be something that viewers can easily identify. This post will offer Arkansas residents a brief introduction to the crime of money laundering and the elements that generally must be proven in order for a person to be convicted on their charge

What is embezzlement?

Some crimes occur when individuals take specific and prohibited actions against each other in a physically violent or inappropriate way. Others occur when individuals undertake to harm others through trickery and the desire to become financially enriched. The latter category of crimes is sometimes referred to as white collar crime as it often occurs in settings of employment and financial management.

Unlawful computerized communications and white collar crime

People in Arkansas and across the nation often say things online they would otherwise not say in person. They might be under the impression that it is harmless and that no criminal charges are possible if they have neither the intent nor the means to carry out what they have said. However, if the target of that statement is negatively impacted by those online statements, then it can lead to white collar crime charges for violating unlawful computerized communications.

What should I know about white collar crime related to email?

The exponential increase in computer use in Arkansas, across the nation and around the world has resulted in people being accused of white collar crime related to it. One issue is when there are attempts to steal money and property via email. This can result in serious charges with hefty penalties should there be a conviction. For those who are alleged to have taken part in email-related crimes, knowing the details of the crime itself, the law, and what sparked an arrest is an integral part of lodging a defense.

What is Arkansas law for a white collar crime pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes have become prominent in the media with high-profile arrests. Many, however, are not aware of what it is and how our state handles it. Those seeking to make investments to boost their income will be looking for a good opportunity with as little risk as possible. Some will become involved in strategies that might seem reasonable, but are illegal. Others, trying to do well with their investments, make mistakes that lead to white collar crime allegations.

The importance of having a defense to white collar crime

Certain types of crime can be confusing as to whether it is really a crime or not. While Arkansas residents will automatically know that violence, theft, drug dealing and driving under the influence will likely lead to criminal charges, so-called "white collar crime" has more nuance.

Can corporations be charged with white-collar crime?

The emphatic answer to the question above is, yes. If you are up to date on current affairs, you have heard of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. That case declared that corporations, being people, have the First Amendment right to donate funds as they wish to election campaigns.

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