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Firearms can enhance drug crime penalties

There are a number of criminal charges that an Arkansas resident may face if they are alleged to possess or sell prohibited substances. Whether their charges involve marijuana or cocaine, heroin or another kind of drug, the actions that they are alleged to have taken with regard to those drugs may impact the severity of the punishments they can face. For example, while drug possession charges are serious, drug trafficking charges may be considered felonies and subject to longer prison sentences.

Overuse of no-knock warrants in Little Rock for drug crimes

The Fourth Amendment is a critical component of the Bill of Rights and the vast protections that individuals in the United States are expected to enjoy. The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures and is generally the source of law used to justify the need for warrants when law enforcement officials wish to search private homes. Law enforcement officers in Little Rock have executed more than 1500 searches based on alleged drug crimes in Little Rock in the last decade and almost all of them have been granted a special status.

Arkansas police stepping up efforts for "Weed Day"

There are laws that penalize the usage of illegal substances. Marijuana is illegal for recreational use in Arkansas. Though the law recognizes medical uses of the drug for individuals who are suffering from specific illnesses and ailments, most individuals who are caught in possession of the substance may be charged with drug crimes and punished. Possible criminal sanctions do not always deter individuals from having and using marijuana, and across the world, marijuana is celebrated on a specific day.

State and federal laws criminalize cocaine possession

The Controlled Substances Act is a federal law that prohibits the sale, distribution and possession of cocaine. Because it is enforced by the Drug Enforcement Agency, it is applicable in all 50 states, including Arkansas. Therefore, individuals who are alleged to be involved in cocaine-based drug crimes may face both state and federal charges for their alleged actions.

Defense strategies for drug crime allegations

The possession, distribution and trafficking of illegal drugs in Arkansas are serious crimes and can subject individuals to significant periods of incarceration if they are convicted of their charges. The James Law Firm understands that a single drug charge conviction can change the course of a person's life. Through careful trial preparation and zealous advocacy, the firm works to provide its clients with strong defense strategies to help them overcome their charges.

How does drug trafficking differ from drug possession?

Drug crimes are serious. Any alleged drug charge can have serious consequences on the future of an Arkansas resident. For this reason, it is important that readers seek the counsel of knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys when they are charged with drug-related crimes. This post should not be substituted for legal guidance, as it provides general information only.

Assess pending drug charges with a criminal defense attorney

Getting arrested for an alleged drug crime can completely change the course of an Arkansas resident's life. A person may find that it is harder to get a job, or that they are unable to secure a home to rent if they have a criminal conviction on their permanent record. Aside from the serious penalties that they may have to face if they are convicted, the stigma that they will carry as a convicted individual may decrease their quality of life and affect their well-being.

What are drug abatement programs?

It is no secret that jails and prisons throughout the country are full of men and women who have been convicted of nonviolent crimes. These individuals are often on the receiving end of laws and sanctions that punish alleged actions with sentences that may far exceed the individuals' alleged criminal acts. Many are individuals who have been charged and convicted of drug offense.

Man charged with federal drug crimes in out-of-state arrest

In the post-9/11 world, Americans have come to expect heightened security in many different places. For example, security at airports, ports and train stations have increased dramatically, and police are often more visible at large events and rallies where groups of people may be targeted. However, increases in security must be balanced against individuals' rights to privacy and arbitrary investigation by law enforcement officials.

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