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What are a person's rights under the Fourth Amendment?

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution ensures that individuals shall be protected from "unreasonable searches and seizures" and that any warrants that are issued against them shall be based on "probable cause". These are heavy terms for individuals who are not familiar with the law, but Little Rock residents can be well-served to have a basic understanding of their rights under the Fourth Amendment, particularly when they are facing serious drug crime accusations.

Possible defenses to drug crime charges

Like all criminal allegations, it can be an overwhelming experience. Any individual who faces arrest for an alleged drug crime should seek the counsel of a criminal drug defense attorney. Although the defenses mentioned in this post may sound applicable to individual drug crime cases, Little Rock residents are cautioned not to rely on its contents as legal advice. This post is offered as information only for those who wish to learn more about possible defense options to pending drug possession allegations.

Federal officer charged with bribery, drug crimes

Law enforcement officers occupy a sensitive role within our communities. They are charged with keeping people safe and maintaining law and order all while building the trust of individuals in marginalized communities. Many of the law enforcement officers who work in Arkansas are upstanding individuals and work tirelessly to protect and serve their fellow citizens.

Penalties for controlled substance convictions are serious

Anyone who says that a drug arrest is not that serious has not looked at the criminal penalties that Arkansas residents can face if they are convicted of controlled substance-based offenses. Different classes and schedules of controlled substances have differing levels of punishment, but for most drug-based convictions, individuals will face significant time in jail for their alleged crimes.

Know your rights if a traffic stop turns into a drug crime arrest

Traffic stops can run the gamut of annoyances that disrupt drivers' days to events that change the course of individuals' lives. What may begin as a simple stop for speeding or a broken tail light may turn into a serious legal battle for an Arkansas resident, if a law enforcement official alleges that the driver had illegal substances in their vehicle.

Is marijuana legal in Arkansas?

In recent years a number of states have taken it upon themselves to legalize marijuana for limited medical uses. Others have expanded their permissible uses of marijuana to recreational pursuits, while other states have maintained a firm stance against any legal use of the substance within the states' borders. Arkansas voters approved an amendment to the state's constitution several years ago that allows certain patients to obtain marijuana for medical use and to establish dispensaries where such patients can acquire it.

Man accused of heroin distribution arrested on felony drug crimes

When Arkansas law enforcement moves forward with an investigation into drug crimes, it will be relentless in its pursuit and in attempting to secure convictions for the alleged crimes. This is especially true when the case involves heroin. For people who are arrested as part of these investigations, it is imperative to understand how harshly prosecutors will treat people who are said to be involved with selling heroin and the penalties that accompany a conviction. Having a law firm that handles drug crimes is vital for a strong defense.

Apparent mistaken call to 911 sparks drug crimes arrest

Drug arrests can come about in a variety of different situations in Arkansas, with some of them being unusual. Not all cases stem from a conventional traffic stop or a long-term investigation by multiple agencies. Regardless of the way an arrest was made and the charges that end up being filed, it is imperative for those dealing with allegations of drug crimes to be aware of their rights. Since a conviction can result in incarceration, large fines, and the long-term negative implications that accompany a drug conviction, having legal assistance is a must.

Arkansas man faces drug crimes for marijuana bushes at home

Although the nationwide debate as to whether marijuana should be legal or not removed a big chunk of the stigma associated with crimes related to the drug, it remains illegal in Arkansas except for medical purposes. Since that is the case, people are still facing drug crimes for involvement in marijuana. Regardless of the drug being treated more liberally in the U.S., it can result in jail time, fines and other penalties for those who sell and possess it. It is important not to forget that when there is an arrest and to have legal help to prepare a defense.

Man arrested for drug crimes related to steroids

In Arkansas, alleged drug crimes and arrests can come in many ways. While they will often be perceived as having to do with street drugs like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and even marijuana, other drugs can lead to an arrest. Some of these are prescription drug crimes. Others are related to performance enhancement. That includes steroids. Because in many circles, steroids are not viewed as a major problem, people might think they will not face hefty punishments if they are arrested and charged with acts related to them. They are wrong. When a person is arrested for steroids, having legal help is just as crucial as it is for street drugs.

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