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How are drugs classified for alleged drug crimes?

There is no question that Arkansas residents have benefitted from the advancements that drug companies have made over the decades. Formerly incurable diseases now have remedies thanks to modern medicine, and conditions that were once considered untreatable may be managed with prescription medications that individuals can get from their local pharmacies. However, just because a drug has been identified as potentially helpful for treating medical conditions does not mean that it is legal for everyone to possess it.

Unreported income can land you in jail

In general, most people are afraid of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They are afraid that an audit means that they will go to jail or perhaps not paying enough taxes could be cause to spend time behind bars. In reality, people who commit tax evasion are at the greatest risk of finding themselves facing prison time.

Elements of an insurance fraud charge

Insurance policies are an important way that Little Rock residents protect themselves from loss. A person may have homeowner's insurance to help them if their residence is damaged or destroyed. Similarly, they likely hold an automobile insurance policy to provide them with financial help if they are in an accident and need to cover the costs of repairing their vehicle.

Criminal defense support for DWI charges

Memorial Day is only a few weeks away, and many Arkansas residents recognize that holiday as the official start of summer. Children will be out of school for their break in about a month, and families may be planning their vacations and parties to celebrate with loved ones and friends. Many fun activities happen during the warm months of the year, but unfortunately, many arrests are also made by local police who suspect their residents of driving while intoxicated.

Firearms can enhance drug crime penalties

There are a number of criminal charges that an Arkansas resident may face if they are alleged to possess or sell prohibited substances. Whether their charges involve marijuana or cocaine, heroin or another kind of drug, the actions that they are alleged to have taken with regard to those drugs may impact the severity of the punishments they can face. For example, while drug possession charges are serious, drug trafficking charges may be considered felonies and subject to longer prison sentences.

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