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April 2019 Archives

Overuse of no-knock warrants in Little Rock for drug crimes

The Fourth Amendment is a critical component of the Bill of Rights and the vast protections that individuals in the United States are expected to enjoy. The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures and is generally the source of law used to justify the need for warrants when law enforcement officials wish to search private homes. Law enforcement officers in Little Rock have executed more than 1500 searches based on alleged drug crimes in Little Rock in the last decade and almost all of them have been granted a special status.

Investment professionals can face charges from Ponzi schemes

Handling the money of other people comes with certain legal and social obligations, including the fiduciary duty to do what is right for your investors. There are many kinds of fraud, like a pyramid scheme, that could result in criminal charges against an individual who works in banking, business or investments, some of which have to do with failing to act in the best interest of the people who invested.

What is a pyramid scheme?

Investing in businesses and other growth opportunities is a good way for Arkansas residents to diversify their assets and build their wealth as they move toward retirement. As most investors know, however, there are no sure things when it comes to putting one's money in ever-changing entities. Internal corporate problems, industry fluctuations and even overall market drops can negatively impact the wealth that a person hopes to accumulate through their investment portfolio.

Arkansas police stepping up efforts for "Weed Day"

There are laws that penalize the usage of illegal substances. Marijuana is illegal for recreational use in Arkansas. Though the law recognizes medical uses of the drug for individuals who are suffering from specific illnesses and ailments, most individuals who are caught in possession of the substance may be charged with drug crimes and punished. Possible criminal sanctions do not always deter individuals from having and using marijuana, and across the world, marijuana is celebrated on a specific day.

State and federal laws criminalize cocaine possession

The Controlled Substances Act is a federal law that prohibits the sale, distribution and possession of cocaine. Because it is enforced by the Drug Enforcement Agency, it is applicable in all 50 states, including Arkansas. Therefore, individuals who are alleged to be involved in cocaine-based drug crimes may face both state and federal charges for their alleged actions.

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