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Defense strategies for drug crime allegations

The possession, distribution and trafficking of illegal drugs in Arkansas are serious crimes and can subject individuals to significant periods of incarceration if they are convicted of their charges. The James Law Firm understands that a single drug charge conviction can change the course of a person's life. Through careful trial preparation and zealous advocacy, the firm works to provide its clients with strong defense strategies to help them overcome their charges.

Your drug use could lead to Arkansas criminal charges

You undoubtedly know that selling controlled substances, whether thy are prescription medications or illicit, prohibited drugs like methamphetamine, is illegal. You also likely realize that getting caught in possession of controlled or prohibited substances can result in criminal charges. What you might not realize is that Arkansas has a detailed definition of what constitutes possession.

A discussion of mail fraud and honest services fraud

Not long ago, a major story broke regarding the alleged fraud that dozens of parents purportedly committed to secure spots for their children at some of the nation's most prestigious colleges and universities. The parents, who include several popular actors and others with national notoriety, allegedly paid thousands of dollars to have their children's exam scores graded and fixed by special proctors or to have their kids recognized as athletic recruits when in fact they did not play sports. The allegations have dominated the headlines of papers in Arkansas and throughout the nation.

Alleged white collar criminals can possess unique characteristics

Criminal activity of all forms is severely punished by the state of Arkansas, as well as the federal government. When a person is charged with a crime, they can expect to have to fight to protect their innocence and to retain their rights and freedoms. If they do not, they may see themselves punished with incarceration and the course of their life changed forever.

How does drug trafficking differ from drug possession?

Drug crimes are serious. Any alleged drug charge can have serious consequences on the future of an Arkansas resident. For this reason, it is important that readers seek the counsel of knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys when they are charged with drug-related crimes. This post should not be substituted for legal guidance, as it provides general information only.

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