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February 2019 Archives

How are white collar crimes different from other crimes?

Alleged criminal acts of all forms can have serious consequences on the lives of Arkansas residents. Whether a crime is deemed violent or white collar, a drug offense or computer-based, it can impose serious and life-altering penalties on the person who has been charged. This post will focus on what distinguishes white collar crimes from other forms of alleged criminal conduct, but readers are reminded that criminal defense attorneys can always be consulted about pending charges.

Could drug court in Arkansas help you avoid jail time?

Arkansas has relatively strict laws regarding drug use. Depending on the drug, the amount someone has and the previous criminal record of the individual, someone accused of possession could face as long as 40 years in prison. Additionally, they will likely face many thousands of dollars in fines, as well as the lifelong struggle of dealing with a criminal record.

An overview of DWI penalties in Arkansas

Drunk driving charges are serious and can affect many aspects of individuals' lives. This is because the penalties that can be assessed against drivers who have been convicted of drunk driving are significant and burdensome. This post will offer general information on some of the ways individuals can be sanctioned for allegedly committing DWI crimes, but it is important that individuals speak with their own criminal defense attorneys about how to prepare for their own drunk driving cases.

Assess pending drug charges with a criminal defense attorney

Getting arrested for an alleged drug crime can completely change the course of an Arkansas resident's life. A person may find that it is harder to get a job, or that they are unable to secure a home to rent if they have a criminal conviction on their permanent record. Aside from the serious penalties that they may have to face if they are convicted, the stigma that they will carry as a convicted individual may decrease their quality of life and affect their well-being.

What are drug abatement programs?

It is no secret that jails and prisons throughout the country are full of men and women who have been convicted of nonviolent crimes. These individuals are often on the receiving end of laws and sanctions that punish alleged actions with sentences that may far exceed the individuals' alleged criminal acts. Many are individuals who have been charged and convicted of drug offense.

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