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December 2018 Archives

Representation after a holiday DWI charge

The holidays are a great time of year for Little Rock residents to come together with their families and friends. As they celebrate their relationships and the good things that have come their way over the course of the last year, many will indulge in more food than they need and may drink more beverages than are necessary. If those beverages contain alcohol, Little Rock residents could face detrimental DWI charges if they are stopped for an alleged drunk driving.

3 types of drug paraphernalia charges

As a result of drug paraphernalia laws, you can get into trouble for a drug-related violation without possessing any drugs at all. Not only that, but virtually anything can result in a drug paraphernalia charge depending on the context in which it was found. For example, a piece of tin foil, a plastic baggie and even a spoon could be drug paraphernalia -- just as much as a pipe, bong or syringe could be -- if they are found at the same time as illegal drugs.

Understanding Arkansas' implied consent law

Driving a vehicle is a privilege that men and women can secure after passing certain assessments of their abilities and knowledge. A driver must be able to handle the technical aspects of operating a vehicle as well as know about the many laws that apply to drivers to keep everyone on the roads safe. One law that drivers should understand when the start to drive is the state's implied consent law.

Federal officer charged with bribery, drug crimes

Law enforcement officers occupy a sensitive role within our communities. They are charged with keeping people safe and maintaining law and order all while building the trust of individuals in marginalized communities. Many of the law enforcement officers who work in Arkansas are upstanding individuals and work tirelessly to protect and serve their fellow citizens.

Penalties for controlled substance convictions are serious

Anyone who says that a drug arrest is not that serious has not looked at the criminal penalties that Arkansas residents can face if they are convicted of controlled substance-based offenses. Different classes and schedules of controlled substances have differing levels of punishment, but for most drug-based convictions, individuals will face significant time in jail for their alleged crimes.

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