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October 2018 Archives

Unlawful computerized communications and white collar crime

People in Arkansas and across the nation often say things online they would otherwise not say in person. They might be under the impression that it is harmless and that no criminal charges are possible if they have neither the intent nor the means to carry out what they have said. However, if the target of that statement is negatively impacted by those online statements, then it can lead to white collar crime charges for violating unlawful computerized communications.

Never take your defense against drug charges lightly

These days, facing drug charges can result in serious consequences and significant jail time, even for relatively small violations. While cultural attitudes around recreational drug use continue to shift, the laws that govern the land are still much more strict than the court of public opinion. This often leads to surprisingly harsh punishment.

Arkansas woman charged with DWI, job threatened

To illustrate how anyone can be accused of driving while intoxicated under the influence of alcohol or drugs, even those who have a job with a mandate to help those who are abusing these substances can be charged with drunk or high driving. While the background surrounding an arrest will not necessarily enhance or make matters worse in a legal sense, it can negatively impact one's professional career. This can make it even more important to have legal assistance to defend against DWI allegations.

Apparent mistaken call to 911 sparks drug crimes arrest

Drug arrests can come about in a variety of different situations in Arkansas, with some of them being unusual. Not all cases stem from a conventional traffic stop or a long-term investigation by multiple agencies. Regardless of the way an arrest was made and the charges that end up being filed, it is imperative for those dealing with allegations of drug crimes to be aware of their rights. Since a conviction can result in incarceration, large fines, and the long-term negative implications that accompany a drug conviction, having legal assistance is a must.

What should I know about white collar crime related to email?

The exponential increase in computer use in Arkansas, across the nation and around the world has resulted in people being accused of white collar crime related to it. One issue is when there are attempts to steal money and property via email. This can result in serious charges with hefty penalties should there be a conviction. For those who are alleged to have taken part in email-related crimes, knowing the details of the crime itself, the law, and what sparked an arrest is an integral part of lodging a defense.

Arkansas man faces drug crimes for marijuana bushes at home

Although the nationwide debate as to whether marijuana should be legal or not removed a big chunk of the stigma associated with crimes related to the drug, it remains illegal in Arkansas except for medical purposes. Since that is the case, people are still facing drug crimes for involvement in marijuana. Regardless of the drug being treated more liberally in the U.S., it can result in jail time, fines and other penalties for those who sell and possess it. It is important not to forget that when there is an arrest and to have legal help to prepare a defense.

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