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July 2018 Archives

Defending yourself against an embezzlement charge

Many people in positions of administrative power, for example corporate workers, become accused of embezzlement. However, an accusation of embezzlement does not mean that you are necessarily guilty of the crime, and it is possible to defend yourself through an application of the law and a coherent explanation of your actions.

Rear-end crash leads to allegations of drug crimes

In Arkansas, there is often a perception that being arrested for driving while intoxicated is generally limited to alcohol. However, it can also involve drugs. When a person is arrested for DWI drugs and other drug crimes, the charges can be significant. This is especially true if there is an accident and the person has drugs on his or her person. Then the case takes a drastic turn and the potential penalties are much more substantial. In such a circumstance, having legal help is imperative from the time of the arrest and beyond.

Having a lawyer is crucial when facing distribution drug crimes

Little Rock residents and those throughout Arkansas who find themselves under investigation and arrested for drug crimes should know the difference in charges and penalties between possession and distribution. While there are penalties for people who are caught with certain amounts of drugs whether it is for their own use or for low-level sale, people who are charged with distribution will face harsher penalties. In any case, having legal assistance is a must.

Former college football running back arrested for drug crimes

Because drugs are such a prominent issue in Arkansas and law enforcement is seeking to reduce it and the crimes related to it, there are constantly investigations into possible wrongdoing related to drugs. Included in that is marijuana, which remains illegal in the state, even with many other states taking steps to reduce the penalties related to it and even legalize it entirely. When there is an arrest of anyone on marijuana charges, having legal assistance from a law firm that specializes in drug defense is essential.

College athlete charged with DWI in Arkansas

When residents are arrested for driving while intoxicated, the consequences can go beyond jail time, fines, lost driving privileges and other basic penalties. A DWI puts educational and career opportunities at risk, which is why it is imperative to craft a strong defense. A law firm that has experience in DWI cases is critical toward this end.

Is it legal to yell or swear at police during a stop?

With all the focus on police brutality and deadly police encounters over the last several years, it is easy to forget that many police interactions are not nearly as tense or potentially deadly as others. Some individuals may even find it tempting to speak rudely to police during an interaction, although that is certainly a dangerous course of action.

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