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June 2018 Archives

Man arrested for DWI and fleeing after accident

When there is a car accident and allegations of driving while intoxicated in Arkansas, the person who is confronted by these charges will undoubtedly be fearful of the consequences. That can lead to making mistakes on top of the DWI allegations, such as fleeing the scene. When a driver does this, it compounds the issues he or she will face as there is a significant likelihood that law enforcement will locate the driver who fled. Regardless, having a strong defense is a key factor in a positive outcome.

What is Arkansas law for a white collar crime pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes have become prominent in the media with high-profile arrests. Many, however, are not aware of what it is and how our state handles it. Those seeking to make investments to boost their income will be looking for a good opportunity with as little risk as possible. Some will become involved in strategies that might seem reasonable, but are illegal. Others, trying to do well with their investments, make mistakes that lead to white collar crime allegations.

Woman faces charges for DWI, fleeing and endangering a child

In many Arkansas cases involving allegations of driving while intoxicated, people will face other charges in addition to the DWI. The circumstances will frequently differ depending on the situation. For example, people are often unaware that simply sitting in a vehicle while under the influence can lead to DWI charges. Other factors can make the charges worse.

Drug crimes and enhanced penalties for making methamphetamine

Arkansas takes the manufacture of methamphetamine seriously and prosecutors will pursue significant penalties for those who are convicted of taking part in these drug crimes. For those who are involved in the manufacturing of this drug, it is important to understand the potential penalties they will face. For some, there can be enhanced penalties, depending on the circumstances. Understanding the law related to this issue is important when considering whether to plead guilty or "nolo contendere" to manufacturing methamphetamine.

The consequences of marijuana possession in Arkansas

Marijuana laws have been changing rapidly in recent years as a response to the swift legalization of medical marijuana in many states. In some states, marijuana is now legal for recreational use. This means that it is important to keep updated on the latest changes to the laws in the state that you are in, especially if you are a user of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

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