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May 2018 Archives

Governor's son faces DWI charges

Anyone who is exhibiting signs of driving under the influence in Arkansas is subject to being stopped, investigated and, if the circumstances warrant it, arrested for DWI. People who are in positions of power or are close to those in positions of power must be aware that they will face DWI charges just like anyone else. In the same way, they also need to have legal assistance to combat DWI charges to avoid a conviction and the accompanying penalties.

Man arrested for major drug crimes related to meth and more

Law enforcement officers in Arkansas do whatever they can to put a stop to drug operations. This can include pursuing those who are accused of being involved in drug sales and distribution. For people who find themselves under arrest for drug crimes, the long-term penalties and other consequences can be life-changing. This is especially true with allegations related to drug trafficking. Since the punishments for a conviction can be so harsh, those who find themselves charged must remember the importance of combating the charges.

The importance of having a defense to white collar crime

Certain types of crime can be confusing as to whether it is really a crime or not. While Arkansas residents will automatically know that violence, theft, drug dealing and driving under the influence will likely lead to criminal charges, so-called "white collar crime" has more nuance.

Truck drivers facing allegations of drug crimes

Since drugs are such a perceived problem in Little Rock, throughout Arkansas and across the nation, law enforcement is intent on putting a stop to crimes related to it. That can involve people who are using it for themselves, those selling it at a street level, and those who are accused of being involved in drug trafficking and distribution. The penalties for these crimes can vary based on the charges. It is important for anyone who is arrested for drug crimes to understand the possibility of lengthy jail terms, fines, and other penalties that accompany a conviction and seek legal help to formulate a defense.

Of course you can challenge Breathalyzer results

Just because you received drunk driving charges from failing a Breathalyzer test doesn't mean that you have to accept them. It is generally wise to consider every legal opportunity you have to challenge charges you are facing. The stakes are too great to sit back and let the prosecution throw the book at you.

Important points about DWI laws and penalties

Arkansas residents who find themselves under arrest for driving while intoxicated might not be fully cognizant of the different charges and penalties they can face if they are convicted. Knowing the different charges, the blood-alcohol content level requirements, what implied consent is, and the possible punishments when convicted are all part of crafting a strong defense when charged with DWI.

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