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Assess pending drug charges with a criminal defense attorney

Getting arrested for an alleged drug crime can completely change the course of an Arkansas resident's life. A person may find that it is harder to get a job, or that they are unable to secure a home to rent if they have a criminal conviction on their permanent record. Aside from the serious penalties that they may have to face if they are convicted, the stigma that they will carry as a convicted individual may decrease their quality of life and affect their well-being.

Before a conviction is secured against them, a person facing alleged drug crimes can take the important step to contact a criminal defense attorney. Lawyers who work in this particular field work in the criminal courts of the state understand what levels of proof must be met in order for convictions to be secured against individuals confronting serious charges.

What are drug abatement programs?

It is no secret that jails and prisons throughout the country are full of men and women who have been convicted of nonviolent crimes. These individuals are often on the receiving end of laws and sanctions that punish alleged actions with sentences that may far exceed the individuals' alleged criminal acts. Many are individuals who have been charged and convicted of drug offense.

In Arkansas, not every person who is facing a drug charge will have to experience the full possible sentence associated with their alleged acts. They may qualify for drug abatement programs, otherwise known as drug courts, to have their sentences mitigated. This post will go over more information about these programs but in no way should readers take this information to be legal guidance or advice.

Know what does and does not constitute tax evasion

Every year, Little Rock residents work to file their taxes by the April deadline. While some may owe the government money, others may expect sizable refunds from the Internal Revenue Service. Those who fail to pay their taxes or who engage in other actions that may be considered evasive may be charged a very serious white collar crime.

Tax evasion is the crime of not paying enough in taxes. It must be done intentionally by a ta payer and not accidentally or unintentionally. Tax evasion may involve the hiding of income or assets to lower one's tax basis and decrease their apparent tax liability.

3 things your criminal defense lawyer will help you with

There's little doubt that you're going to be nervous if you have a criminal drug trial ahead of you. If the trial ends in a conviction, you'll have to face some very serious consequences. But what if it doesn't end in a conviction? What if you're able to defend yourself successfully with a skilled criminal defense attorney by your side?

Many defendants accused of drug crimes don't understand the benefits of having legal representation from a lawyer versus from trying to "go it" on your own. In fact, there are many such benefits and here are three of them:

Man charged with federal drug crimes in out-of-state arrest

In the post-9/11 world, Americans have come to expect heightened security in many different places. For example, security at airports, ports and train stations have increased dramatically, and police are often more visible at large events and rallies where groups of people may be targeted. However, increases in security must be balanced against individuals' rights to privacy and arbitrary investigation by law enforcement officials.

Recently, an Arkansas man was searched after he got off of a train in Missouri. The man allegedly had a pair of size 18 athletic shoes in his baggage, and this fact raised the concerns of Drug Enforcement Agency officers and well as other law enforcement officials because the man's feet were not that big. As a result of their search, the agents and officers said they found three pounds of heroin in the large shoes as well as five pounds of other drugs under the man's control.

Money laundering is a serious white-collar crime

Individuals who enjoy watching crime shows on television have likely heard of various types of financial crimes. Money laundering, for example, may be included in a list of charges a fictitious criminal will face at trial, but it may not be something that viewers can easily identify. This post will offer Arkansas residents a brief introduction to the crime of money laundering and the elements that generally must be proven in order for a person to be convicted on their charge

Money laundering starts with allegedly dirty money. Dirty money is money that has been obtained from an illegal pursuit. For example, if a person allegedly makes money by selling illegal drugs, their income may be considered dirty money because the purchase and sale of such illicit materials is illegal.

What are a person's rights under the Fourth Amendment?

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution ensures that individuals shall be protected from "unreasonable searches and seizures" and that any warrants that are issued against them shall be based on "probable cause". These are heavy terms for individuals who are not familiar with the law, but Little Rock residents can be well-served to have a basic understanding of their rights under the Fourth Amendment, particularly when they are facing serious drug crime accusations.

This is because the illegal actions of law enforcement officials may violate the Fourth Amendment and therefore make the searches, collections of evidence and warrants used to arrest and convict individuals illegal as well. If a person's Fourth Amendment rights are violated they may have a strong case to have their charges set aside.

Possible defenses to drug crime charges

Like all criminal allegations, it can be an overwhelming experience. Any individual who faces arrest for an alleged drug crime should seek the counsel of a criminal drug defense attorney. Although the defenses mentioned in this post may sound applicable to individual drug crime cases, Little Rock residents are cautioned not to rely on its contents as legal advice. This post is offered as information only for those who wish to learn more about possible defense options to pending drug possession allegations.

A drug possession charge can carry with it serious consequences, and it is therefore in the interests of those who must confront them to prepare defenses to their alleged crimes. One defense that may apply in a drug possession case is based upon violations of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Fourth Amendment guarantees that individuals will be granted due process of law and not subjected to unreasonable searches and seizures. If law enforcement officials act outside of their permitted authority, drug possession defendants may be able to use such actions as defenses.

Representation after a holiday DWI charge

The holidays are a great time of year for Little Rock residents to come together with their families and friends. As they celebrate their relationships and the good things that have come their way over the course of the last year, many will indulge in more food than they need and may drink more beverages than are necessary. If those beverages contain alcohol, Little Rock residents could face detrimental DWI charges if they are stopped for an alleged drunk driving.

The James Law Firm recognizes that the winter holiday season is a special time for many people and celebrating can and does include having beer, wine and other alcohol-containing drinks. Law enforcement officials often set up sobriety checkpoints and stay vigilant to stop alleged drunk drivers so that they cannot harm others on the roads. However, through their actions, innocent individuals are sometimes stopped and charged with crimes that they have not truly committed.

3 types of drug paraphernalia charges

As a result of drug paraphernalia laws, you can get into trouble for a drug-related violation without possessing any drugs at all. Not only that, but virtually anything can result in a drug paraphernalia charge depending on the context in which it was found. For example, a piece of tin foil, a plastic baggie and even a spoon could be drug paraphernalia -- just as much as a pipe, bong or syringe could be -- if they are found at the same time as illegal drugs.

Here are three types of drug paraphernalia violations:

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