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What is a pyramid scheme?

Investing in businesses and other growth opportunities is a good way for Arkansas residents to diversify their assets and build their wealth as they move toward retirement. As most investors know, however, there are no sure things when it comes to putting one's money in ever-changing entities. Internal corporate problems, industry fluctuations and even overall market drops can negatively impact the wealth that a person hopes to accumulate through their investment portfolio.

Certain investment opportunities raise red flags for government regulators and federal prosecutors. While multi-level marketing companies are legal and offer assorted business options to those who choose to work for them, pyramid schemes fall into a different category and are illegal. This post will briefly discuss what a pyramid scheme is and how it may differ from legitimate business and investment opportunities.

Arkansas police stepping up efforts for "Weed Day"

There are laws that penalize the usage of illegal substances. Marijuana is illegal for recreational use in Arkansas. Though the law recognizes medical uses of the drug for individuals who are suffering from specific illnesses and ailments, most individuals who are caught in possession of the substance may be charged with drug crimes and punished. Possible criminal sanctions do not always deter individuals from having and using marijuana, and across the world, marijuana is celebrated on a specific day.

April 20th has been dubbed Weed Day and is used by many as a day to celebrate marijuana. Because of its notoriety and the number of people who, across the world, indulge in the use of the drug, authorities in communities across the seas and right here in Arkansas step up their efforts to stop and catch individuals engaged in illegal behavior.

State and federal laws criminalize cocaine possession

The Controlled Substances Act is a federal law that prohibits the sale, distribution and possession of cocaine. Because it is enforced by the Drug Enforcement Agency, it is applicable in all 50 states, including Arkansas. Therefore, individuals who are alleged to be involved in cocaine-based drug crimes may face both state and federal charges for their alleged actions.

Within the state of Arkansas, cocaine-based drug crimes are taken very seriously. Cocaine is grouped with methamphetamines in their own class of drugs for sentencing and punishment. That means that possessing the same amount of cocaine as someone else has another drug could result in a much more significant punishment for the person alleged to have been in possession of cocaine.

Defense strategies for drug crime allegations

The possession, distribution and trafficking of illegal drugs in Arkansas are serious crimes and can subject individuals to significant periods of incarceration if they are convicted of their charges. The James Law Firm understands that a single drug charge conviction can change the course of a person's life. Through careful trial preparation and zealous advocacy, the firm works to provide its clients with strong defense strategies to help them overcome their charges.

Different alleged drug crimes can require different defense plans. What may work for one criminal defendant facing a distribution charge may not work for another. That is because the facts and evidence related to individual drug crime cases will differ and will not remain constant from situation to situation. The unique needs and elements of each case will guide how defenses should be prepared and presented to give criminal defendants options for protecting their futures.

Your drug use could lead to Arkansas criminal charges

You undoubtedly know that selling controlled substances, whether thy are prescription medications or illicit, prohibited drugs like methamphetamine, is illegal. You also likely realize that getting caught in possession of controlled or prohibited substances can result in criminal charges. What you might not realize is that Arkansas has a detailed definition of what constitutes possession.

You probably think that if you don't have the drugs in your pockets, hidden on your body, in your house or in your vehicle, that there is no way for the state to charge you with possession. However, Arkansas law has penalties for possession related to those who have banned substances in their body or bodily fluids. In other words, simply testing positive for a banned substance is in and of itself a serious criminal offense.

A discussion of mail fraud and honest services fraud

Not long ago, a major story broke regarding the alleged fraud that dozens of parents purportedly committed to secure spots for their children at some of the nation's most prestigious colleges and universities. The parents, who include several popular actors and others with national notoriety, allegedly paid thousands of dollars to have their children's exam scores graded and fixed by special proctors or to have their kids recognized as athletic recruits when in fact they did not play sports. The allegations have dominated the headlines of papers in Arkansas and throughout the nation.

Two of the charges that have been alleged by some of the parents are white collar crimes. Those charges are mail fraud and honest services fraud, two federal crimes that carry with them serious penalties. This post will briefly discuss the basics of these charges.

Alleged white collar criminals can possess unique characteristics

Criminal activity of all forms is severely punished by the state of Arkansas, as well as the federal government. When a person is charged with a crime, they can expect to have to fight to protect their innocence and to retain their rights and freedoms. If they do not, they may see themselves punished with incarceration and the course of their life changed forever.

For some, engaging in alleged criminal activity is a means of supporting themselves and their families. It is a path to financial gain or to status within their community. In some cases, young people may get pulled into criminal organizations from the youth and may stay involved through their entire lives.

How does drug trafficking differ from drug possession?

Drug crimes are serious. Any alleged drug charge can have serious consequences on the future of an Arkansas resident. For this reason, it is important that readers seek the counsel of knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys when they are charged with drug-related crimes. This post should not be substituted for legal guidance, as it provides general information only.

Drug possession and drug trafficking are two different crimes under the law. While they both involve the alleged possession of an illegal substance by a person, they differ significantly in terms of what must be proven for a conviction and how a person may be punished. For example, drug possession charges require only that an individual know that a substance is illegal and that they also have possession of it. Prosecutors do not have to prove anything further in terms of what the individual may do with the alleged drug: having it is enough.

How are white collar crimes different from other crimes?

Alleged criminal acts of all forms can have serious consequences on the lives of Arkansas residents. Whether a crime is deemed violent or white collar, a drug offense or computer-based, it can impose serious and life-altering penalties on the person who has been charged. This post will focus on what distinguishes white collar crimes from other forms of alleged criminal conduct, but readers are reminded that criminal defense attorneys can always be consulted about pending charges.

White collar crimes tend to be financial crimes. That is to say, alleged victims will claim that the harm they have suffered at the hands of alleged white collar criminals is economic rather than physical. Whereas a victim of an assault may claim that an aggressor caused them injuries to their body, an alleged victim of a white collar crime may claim that the accused caused them to lose money or financial opportunities.

Could drug court in Arkansas help you avoid jail time?

Arkansas has relatively strict laws regarding drug use. Depending on the drug, the amount someone has and the previous criminal record of the individual, someone accused of possession could face as long as 40 years in prison. Additionally, they will likely face many thousands of dollars in fines, as well as the lifelong struggle of dealing with a criminal record.

While there is no question that drug abuse is a serious issue and a violation of both state and federal law, it often stems from addiction or other mental health issues. Individuals may turn to drugs as a way to self-medicate for depression, and people going through a rough time may turn to alcohol and wind up committing crimes as a result.

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